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11/28/2016 - Experts warn pharma to take precautions against Thanksgiving thefts Holiday drug and API thefts are becoming less frequent but pharmaceutical firms still need to take precautions this Thanksgiving say experts. > Full Text
11/16/2016 - Cargo Theft on the Rise in the 3rd Quarter of 2016 Commercial Carrier Journal spotlights the latest findings from the Supply Chain Intelligence Center (SCIC) Q3-16 Cargo Theft Report. > Full Text
09/15/2016 - European Raiders Target Whiskey and Salmon as Cargo Thefts Jump Bloomberg Markets cites FWI whitepaper Putting a Price Tag on Underreported Cargo Theft in Europe and identifies food, alcohol, and clothing as more common cargo theft targets than cash or electronics in Europe.  > Full Text
06/21/2016 - Cargo Theft is Big Business for Brazil Crime Groups Insight Crime reports that cargo theft is emerging as one of the principal illicit revenue streams of organized crime groups in  > Full Text
05/20/2016 - Hazelnuts, cocoa and alcohol targeted by cargo thieves - FreightWatch Hazelnuts, cocoa, alcohol and ham were among commodities targeted by cargo thieves this month, according to FreightWatch. > Full Text
03/22/2016 - Cargo Theft Data from South of the Border Shows Mexican Trucking Industry Hit Hard by Thieves Cargo theft in the United States may be worrisome, with an average of more than two incidents per day nationally, but it’s even worse in Mexico, which averages almost th > Full Text
03/15/2016 - Electronic Freight Security (EFS) - What to Expect Learn more about how an Electronic Freight Security (EFS) program can help securely protect your supply chain and cargo with real-time, end-to-end monitoring through embedded tracking tec > Full Text
02/22/2016 - Mafia behind most EU pharma cargo theft: €30m worth of drugs stolen each year says expert FreightWatch International referenced in an article from stating how the Mafia is responsible for most pharmaceutical cargo thefts in Europe, according to a researcher who says €30m ($33.5m) worth of drugs are stolen while in transit across t > Full Text
01/27/2016 - New Mexico Bill Would Set Felony Cargo Theft Rule A proposed new law could set stiff penalties for anyone convicted of cargo related theft in New Mexico. > Full Text
01/25/2016 - Investigation of Stolen 18 Wheeler in Dallas Uncovers Further Cargo Theft Using FWI Data North Texas CBS 11 News I-Team coverage of an 18-wheeler involved in a police chase that lasted several hours uncovers the phenomenon of cargo crime thanks in part to FreightWatch International SCIC data reported in their story.  > Full Text
01/06/2016 - Thieves Targeting Pharmacy Delivery Vans cites FreightWatch International Supply Chain Inteligence Center data in a report about the increased targeting of delivery vans carrying pharmaceuticals.  > Full Text
12/23/2015 - Shippers and Transport Providers on Alert as Gangs Plan Christmas Cargo Crime Spree Shippers and their transport and logistics providers operating around the major Paris air hub of Charles de Gaulle warned by FreightWatch International about high-value shipments increasingly at risk. > Full Text
12/23/2015 - Pharmacy Delivery Vans Targeted by Thieves Seeking Painkillers Delivery vans that transport prescription painkillers from warehouses to pharmacies and hospitals are the targets of an escalating number of thefts across the country, according to STAT news article. > Full Text
09/09/2015 - Peak Season Cargo Theft Warning Highlighted by FleetOwner While the September through December time frame has for many years often ben considered the “peak season” for freight shipments (though that’s been changing of late) it’s also the “peak season” for something else: cargo theft. > Full Text
08/11/2015 - Report: Cargo Thieves Hungry for Food, Drinks Commercial truck industry news site TruckingInfo spotlights the FreightWatch International US Cargo Theft Intelligence Report, Q2-2015, explaining  > Full Text
07/27/2015 - GPS Tracking Device Credited for Pharmaceutical Load Recovery Authorities are crediting a GPS tracking device with the quick recovery of a stolen tractor and trailer full of pharmaceuticals. > Full Text
06/16/2015 - Chubb Group Encourages Use of Cargo Security Monitoring The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies responds in SupplyChainDigital online magazine article encouraging the use of cargo security monitoring and citing numbers published by FreightWatch International.  > Full Text
04/03/2015 - Addressing the Cargo Theft Scourge Although law enforcement agencies across the country have ramped up their efforts in recent years to clamp down on cargo theft, the level of s > Full Text
02/26/2015 - Announcement: West Coast Port Dispute Ends Announcement: Truck drivers and brokers who deal with West Coast port loads are looking forward to an eventual return to normalcy. > Full Text
02/09/2015 - U.S. Representative Vela (D-TX), visits FreightWatch International Global Headquarters AUSTIN, Texas – U.S. Representative Filemon Vela (D-TX), member of the House Agriculture Committee and House Committee on Homeland Security member, visited the global headquarters of FreightWatch International (FWI), a world leader in logistics and supply chain security services, offering the only active compliance monitoring solution that provides real-time location and condition data from origin to destination. > Full Text
02/05/2015 - Inbound Logistics Article "Cargo Security: Protecting the Supply Chain" Gets Input from FreightWatch Intl. Whether on a truck, in a warehouse, or at a port, your shipments are vulnerable to theft. Learn how to reduce that risk and keep your valuable cargo safe. > Full Text
03/30/2013 - FreightWatch Launches ILC2000 FlightSmart™ Air Cargo Tracker Austin, Texas – FreightWatch International (FW), a leading provider of embeddable, covert tracking solutions that work where standard GPS does not, announces it will offer the Moog Crossbow ILC2000 product as its new FlightSmart™ air ca > Full Text
02/05/2012 - FWI featured in article Medical Cargo Theft: Securing the Supply Chain   > Full Text
11/09/2011 - Geo F2 'Pill Bottle' Tracker Awarded Best New Law Enforcement Surveillance Product Chicago, Ill.—Finalists and winners of the 2011 Cygnus Law Enforcement Group’s Innovation Awards were announced at an awards ceremony and banquet during the 118th Internation > Full Text
10/26/2011 - FSNtracks iPhone Mobile App Available Austin, Texas – FreightWatch International (FW), a leading provider of embeddable, covert tracking solutions, announces the availability of FSNtracks iPhone app for  > Full Text