Coahuila continues to be a hot spot for cargo theft

Over the past weeks, there has been an increase in cargo theft activity in the state of Coahuila. On December 4, a Pemex employee reported the hijacking of a truck loaded with two tanks, each containing thirty-two thousand liters of combustible.  The hijacking occurred along the Monterrey – Saltillo highway. The driver told police that two individuals asked him to stop and exit the truck in order to check his documentation and driver license. The driver was threatened at gunpoint and left abandoned in the roadside. The load has not been recovered and the driver remains missing.   A second incident occurred on December 10. A truck loaded with electric transformers worth more than MXP $1 million (USD$73,000) was hijacked along the Saltillo – Los Chorros highway (Km-231). According to the driver, three individuals by the roadside asked him to stop and exit the truck. He was beaten and also abandoned at a desolated area.  Thanks to a GPS device police recovered the trailer and the load intact along the Federal Highway 57.  On December 8, a truckload of televisions was stolen from a trailer parked outside a department store in the city of Torreon, Coahuila. Employees discovered that the truck was missing at 10:00 am and reported the incident to police. The truck was found abandoned the same day, however, 39 plasmas were missing. Finally, on November 30, a group of thieves stole a load of scrap metal from a Ferromex train container in the city of Torreon. On this occasion, the load was recovered along the Flor de Jimulco – San Juan de Guadalupe highway, inside a trailer that belonged to the thieves.

Jueves, Diciembre 15, 2011 - 12:00