FreightWatch is a world leader at helping companies address the threats and vulnerabilities impacting their high-value supply and distribution chains.
Whether it’s supply chain management and risk mitigation or cargo theft prevention and recovery, FreightWatch creates and implements custom loss-reduction programs that minimize cargo theft, increase supply chain efficiency and deliver products intact and on time.

Solutions Built to Your Unique Business Requirements

Regardless of the FreightWatch service you choose, every engagement starts with the creation of a customized solution that’s built to meet your specific needs.

Whether it is a single shipment or complete coverage across your supply chain, we’ll meet with your team to determine your specific challenges and goals. As part of the program, FreightWatch will conduct a detailed analysis of every facet of your supply and/or distribution chain, including: facilities, logistics providers and partners.

Customized Reports and Intelligence

Of course, supply chain visibility and cargo security are a never-ending challenge. As a FreightWatch client, you’ll also receive customized reports and intelligence updates that keep you abreast of the latest cargo theft trends and security measures.

FreightWatch Intelligence data and information is syndicated by media outlets and industry organizations including ASIS and RX360. To receive complimentary reports, click here to register with the FreightWatch Supply Chain Intelligence Center.

Ongoing Program Maintenance

FreightWatch assigns a dedicated Program Manager who will maintain constant oversight of your logistics security program.

The Program Manager is engaged daily to coordinate Command & Control Center monitoring, asset tracking device management and interaction with carrier management (as required), as well as to disseminate carrier reports.

FreightWatch Comprehensive Logistics Security Services include:

Active Monitoring Services 
Actively monitor your high-value shipments from origin to destination.

Inter-modal Services
Put a protective layer around your global supply chain.

Consulting Services
Identify key supply chain risks and ensure compliance. 

Logistics Security Experts
Provide an extra layer of protection for your high-value cargo.