A unique hybrid of cargo security services providing heightened awareness of customer shipments with the reactive competency to avoid a loss.

FreightWatch International provides a full-service logistics security solution based on a customer’s personalized shipping needs. The FWI ALERT program offers real-time monitoring with automated notifications throughout the entire shipping route with a focus on the highest risk areas of transport, where over 80 percent of full trailer load cargo theft occurs. FWI ALERT robust services monitor cargo shipping routes, reinforced by FreightWatch International’s state-of-the-art, global Control and Command Centers (C3). Manned by highly trained operators who monitor, track, and report on customer cargo activity, the C3 provides cargo security 24x7x365.

Shippers who have high volumes and a multiple carrier base can obtain extraordinary value from FWI ALERT services. FWI ALERT protocols make Electronic Freight Security expectations easier to communicate across to a variety of carrier partners.

Within high risk areas of transport, drivers and dispatch remain in close communication with C3 operators monitoring unauthorized starts and stops and breaks in established Geofences. C3 operators keep a close eye on freight in real-time and can immediately escalate an event if any non-compli- ance protocol alerts are spotted.

Outside of high risk areas, shipments are monitored for exceptions and the Freight- Watch International Emergency Response Team (ERT) remains vigilant for notification of a shipments being lost or stolen. In the event of an incident, the ERT is positioned to contact law enforcement immediately. During the investigation process, the C3 operators provide ongoing support and location data to thwart the possibility of loss.


  • Implementation, training, software, hardware & best practices
  • Web accessible software for real-time tracking
  • Web-based shipment verification and initiation
  • 24x7x365 emergency response for cargo theft incidents
  • Real-time driver/dispatch communication
  • Red zone monitoring (first 200 miles of transit route)
  • Continuous program reviews
  • Weekly performance reports

The FWI ALERT security solution involves the four tenets of FreightWatch International’s integrated approach to security — monitoring services from our global Command & Control Centers (C3), site-specific security Program Management, leading-edge Tracking Technology, and the incorporation of actionable Intelligence. The collaboration between the Intelligence Center Analysts, C3 Repre- sentatives, Program Managers, and Technical Engineers tailors a security program that mitigates the risks associated with theft, spoilage, diversion, counterfeiting, and helps to shape a customer’s security decisions.