Avoid the casualties of cargo theft.

Engage FreightWatch International and feel secure, we’ll be watching.

The FWI RECOVERY security solution offers 24x7x365 response services for when a cargo shipment is suspected to be lost or stolen. The use of advanced GPS tracking technology and defined security protocols give real-time visibility to in-transit cargo. The FreightWatch International Command and Control Center (C3) can quickly respond when notified of a suspected theft of a truck or trailer. FWI RECOVERY is supported by a highly experienced Emergency Response Team (ERT) with extensive law enforcement networks who can quickly intervene to avoid an actual loss or theft of cargo.

FWI RECOVERY includes covert tracking devices that use cellular and GPS technology to provide precise location accuracy. The devices are battery powered to allow for simple covert placement in shipments, and have global tracking capabilities that provide the real-time global visibility required for an effective Electronic Freight Security (EFS) program.

Clients can access the FWtracks web application to track their shipments with embedded devices. Alerts can be arranged to send notifications for high risk activities such as route deviations or stops in risky areas. In the event of a suspected theft incident, the FreightWatch International C3 will deploy  a dedicated ERT to execute a recovery through an established network of law enforcement partners. Reportable incidents include security escalations, trucks followed by suspicious vehicles, drivers reporting suspicious individuals at truck stops, and more.

The FWI program management staff includes law enforcement liaisons who are indus- try experts in cargo crime, transportation, and logistics security, with a large portfolio of law enforcement contacts. The team captures activities related to the investigation  and provides a comprehensive after-action report to the client. Cargo theft intelligence is included to assure that evolving cargo theft trends are assessed and assimilated into the security program.


  • Implementation, training, software, hardware & best practices
  • Web accessible software for real-time tracking
  • 24x7x365 emergency response for cargo theft incidents
  • Continuous program reviews
  • Use of covert tracking technologies
  • Actionable intelligence in-house SCIC

The FWI RECOVERY security program is supported by FreightWatch International’s integrated approach to security, which includes monitoring services from our global Command & Control Centers (C3), leading-edge Tracking Technology, experienced Program Management, and actionable Intelligence from FreightWatch International’s in-house Supply Chain Intelligence Center. The collaboration between the Intelligence Center Analysts, C3 Representatives, Program Managers, and Technical Engineers customize every security service program to ensure that the risks associated with theft, spoilage, diversion, counterfeiting, and chain of custody are reduced.