It’s six o’clock. Do you know where your cargo is?

Don’t fall victim to cargo theft. Protect your business. Protect your cargo. FreightWatch International fills the risk gaps in your supply chain so you can rest easy.

The FreightWatch International (FWI) security solution, FWI SHIELD, provides an “end-to-end” program to prevent cargo security gaps. Utilizing industry “best practices” through continuous customer compliance and feedback, FWI SHIELD offers uninterrupted, real-time monitoring of cargo from origin to final destination. And FWI SHIELD includes immediate escalation processes in the event of a suspected security breach or theft incident.

Shipment events and locations are actively monitored through embedded tracking technology and compliance checks according to pre-defined security protocols. These protocols are utilized to reduce in-transit risk and are derived by FWI security professionals who scrutinize tactics, techniques and procedures used by cargo thieves. Utilizing FreightWatch International’s state-of-the-art Command & Control Center (C3), FWI SHIELD puts eyes on the cargo 24/7/365.

FWI SHIELD deploys covert tracking devices that are embedded in customer cargo. Tracking devices utilize cellular and GPS technology to provide precise location accuracy globally. Devices are battery powered and appropriately sized to allow for simple covert placement. FreightWatch International tracking technology provides the real-time global visibility required for an effective electronic freight security program.

FreightWatch International’s Risk Management Officers (RMOs) are a key component to the FWI SHIELD service. RMOs work to ensure processes are in place that communicate security protocols to shipment operators, as well as to capture critical shipment information prior to departure.

In the case of a suspected security breach or theft incident, the Emergency Response Team (ERT) can engage and coordinate law enforcement response quickly. FreightWatch International has law enforcement liaisons on staff who are industry experts in cargo crime, transportation and logistics security, and who have extensive law enforcement contacts.FreightWatch International C3 representatives provide point-to-point monitoring according to pre-defined security, escalation, and communication procedures. The C3 will initiate steps for the resolution of issues encountered with shipments requiring constant surveillance, such as a deviation from a pre-determined route, unauthorized stops, or failure to comply with transport and delivery protocols.

A dedicated Program Manager maintains constant oversight for a FWI SHIELD program. The Program Manager receives cargo theft Intelligence provided by the Supply Chain Intelligence Center and works with a company’s logistics team to assess data and maintain protocol expectations.

The FWI operations analyst team provides statistically-rich reports so the Program Manager can provide proactive cargo security best practice recommendations, carrier pattern risk overviews, and quarterly business reviews for continuous improvement.

Data compiled from a FWI SHIELD services program indicates a clear correlation between compliance monitoring and risk factors over time. Higher risk behaviors that may compromise the security of the shipment, such as unscheduled stops in the Red Zone or route deviations, are monitored and reported, and over time, are reduced.


  • Implementation, training, software, hardware & best practices
  • Web access for real-time tracking
  • 24x7x365 cargo theft recovery
  • Real-time driver/dispatch communication
  • Continuous program reviews
  • Red zone driver/dispatch communication
  • Driver initiated end of trip notification
  • Route deviations
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Monitoring & escalation of start/stop events
  • Real-time monitoring for entire trip duration
  • C3 point-to-point monitoring

The FWI SHIELD security solution involves the four tenets of FreightWatch International’s integrated approach to security — monitoring services from our global Command & Control Centers (C3), site-specific security Program Management, leading-edge Tracking Technology, and the incorporation of actionable Intelligence. The collaboration between the Intelligence Center Analysts, C3 Representatives, Program Managers, and Technical Engineers tailors a security program that mitigates the risks associated with theft, spoilage, diversion, counterfeiting, and helps to shape a customer’s security decisions.