Business reputations are built on meeting customers’ expectations. Poor on-time delivery can quickly erode years of superior service, and negatively impact revenue and growth. Take charge through real-time visibility. Actionable alerts enable proactive communication of delays and schedule changes. Improved logistics performance drives speed, efficiency, and superior customer service for every shipment.

FWI VISION is designed to deliver quick and comprehensive views into a global supply chain. By implementing FWI VISION, companies can improve on-time delivery, communicate more effectively with customers and partners, lower costs, and drive continuous supply chain optimization.

Easy-to-use GEO Tracker monitoring devices are placed directly with the cargo to provide real-time updates on location and shipment status. Secure, web based tracking along with automated alert messaging warns of delays or extended stops, enabling shippers to proactively manage the shipment or alert receivers. Alerts and location data can be integrated with transport management and planning systems to leverage existing technology and processes.

FWI VISION comes with 24/7 support from FWI Global Command & Control Centers, providing years of global cargo monitoring experience. Post Shipment Reports are provided that evaluate performance by lane and by carrier, delivering valuable insight into key performance indicators (KPIs) for every shipment. Having a full audit trail of each shipment makes operational reviews more productive and efficient, removing any questions of responsibility.

The FWI VISION solution offers a proactive way to monitor, evaluate, and respond to unforeseen logistics issues as they happen. Companies can now easily access reliable, over-the-road data to quickly adapt logistics strategies as landscapes shift, diminishing the risks associated with disruptions and change.