Industrial Strength GPS Tracking Technology

FreightWatch International got its start developing Electronic Freight Security (EFS) technology to enable monitoring, reporting and recovery of high-value shipments in transit between manufacturing warehouses and delivery sites for cargo security. FreightWatch International technology delivers real-time location, status and condition data as well as critical activity alerts that harden the supply chain and mitigate the risk of cargo theft.

Aluminum containers and cargo holds represent some of the most challenging environments for GPS devices. FreightWatch International manufactured devices optimize leading location-based services and machine-to-machine (M2M) technology that works in impaired settings where other GPS devices do not.

FreightWatch International trackers require a subscription to FWtracks, much like a cellphone data and service plan, for real-time location tracking and sensor monitoring through a secure Internet-based platform based on Google Maps technology.

Geo F4 Multi-Function Covert Tracker
The FreightWatch International Geo F4 tracker is a precision, location tracking and sensor monitoring device that can operate in a variety of environments, including impaired settings such as sealed trailers and containers where most other GPS trackers fail. The Geo F4 is designed and built by FreightWatch International and leverages assisted location-position technology to augment GPS signals with cell tower triangulation to provide real-time location data.

Geo F5 Global Assisted-GPS Tracker
The Geo F5 is designed and built by FreightWatch International and leverages the design, functionality and assisted location-position technology of FreightWatch International CDMA devices. Rather than relying on either GPS signals or cell tower location data, FreightWatch International technology augments GPS signals with cell tower triangulation to provide real-time location data.

Geo Single-Use Tracker
FreightWatch International takes the complexity out of cargo tracking by offering the convenience and simplicity of the GEO Single-Use Tracker. There’s a great necessity to track everything that’s happening in your supply chain, as the slightest glitch could have a dangerous impact on your business. Tracking a shipment of cargo can significantly reduce business risks, yet entails the organization and management of tracking equipment.

ILC2000 FlightSmart® Air Cargo Tracker
The ILC2000 tracker is FAA-compliant meaning the cellular transmission shuts off on wheels up of a commercial or cargo aircraft and turns on when the aircraft lands. The device continues to collect sensor data (temperature and package tampering), while in flight. Once landed, data is transmitted back to customers through the FWtracks tracking and monitoring platform. For shippers, this information provides a way to monitor not only the security of shipments, but also documents environmental conditions.

Location information is presented using Google Maps technology and is designed to push fast, high volumes of data without requiring the browser to refresh from any Internet-enabled PC or device. By utilizing Google’s familiar intuitive interface, new FWtracks users quickly learn the online service resulting in a high performance agile user experience. Customize your personal workspace with devices and geofences/routes that remains your personal view upon your next login.

Jamming Countermeasures
FreightWatch International’s global tracking devices use sophisticated listening and filtering techniques to identify the unique interference signatures that jamming devices produce. When a jamming event is detected, the device switches to an enhanced transmit mode in order to facilitate message delivery through the jamming event.