Online Tracking & Monitoring Application

FWtracks is a secure, web-based tracking and monitoring platform that provides 24/7/365 location visibility of cargo or assets with global coverage. Location information from FreightWatch International real time tracking devices is presented using Google Maps technology. Customize your personal workspace with devices, geofences and georoutes to maintain a consistent view at subsequent login.

Notifications & Alerts

FWtracks automatically provides notification by email or SMS when defined events occur. If a tracker crosses user-defined boundaries for “safe zones” or “red zones” or if it starts or stops moving, users are sent immediate notification by email or SMS. If a tracked asset is suspected to be stolen, users can initiate tracking reports at a rapid rate using the burst mode while emergency recovery efforts are initiated to locate and regain control of the asset.


The FWtracks’ geofence feature allows users to establish movement rules for both mobile and non-mobile assets, setting geographic boundaries for safe and accept- able travel. Define entry, re-entry or exit alerts assigned to a single or multiple tracking devices. Defining a route geofence is as simple as providing starting and ending point addresses, and can be adjusted by point-and-click to an acceptable distance. Or set up a geofence as a radius from a location or define polygonal zones using simple drawing tools.

Device View & Control

Because FWtracks is a cloud-based enterprise application, multiple devices can be monitored by multiple users at the same time. Users can control devices, change reporting intervals, and monitor battery levels and cell signal strength from the device view dashboard. FreightWatch International device sensors transmit location, tempera- ture, light, and other data to FWtracks. Measurement ranges (upper/lower limits) can be customized to define acceptable thresholds so that alerts are issued if the sensor reports outside the range.

Administrative Tools

Designated administrators manage users and set permissions assuring that the appropriate contacts are immediately notified of conditions such as deviations from route/location, changes to device, or changes in the environment that the device is monitoring.

Mobile Application

The FWtracks mobile app provides location visibility of cargo or assets from data provided by FreightWatch Internatoinal GPS tracking devices to iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® users. Request a current device location, show the user location (iPhone) relative to the tracking device. The FWtracks app displays location report details, including address, time of locate and route. Users can check device settings and sensor reports including remaining battery level.

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