Geo F4 Multi-Function Covert Tracker

Geo F4 w/4 ahr External Batter in 1015 Pelican Case

Multi-Function Covert Tracker

The FreightWatch International GEO F4 Tracker is a high-precision, locationtracking, and sensor monitoring device that can operate in a variety of environments, including impaired settings such as sealed trailers and containers where most other GPS trackers fail. The GEO F4 is designed and built by FreightWatch International and leverages assisted location-position technology to augment GPS signals with cell tower triangulation to provide real-time location data.

The GEO F4 features multiple battery options, antenna and sensors (ambient temperature and light intensity for tamper detection) and variable configurations (“always on,” scheduled hibernation and “wake-up” only when moving settings) for optimal battery efficiency. Primarily a portable, battery-powered tracker, the GEO F4 has a small form factor making it ideal for covert tracking.

Combined with FWtracks online “track and trace” application, the GEO F4 works in the U.S. and wherever CDMA cellular coverage is available for tracking shipments, vehicles, trailers and valuable assets.


  • Sprint and Verizon network support
  • Integrated GPS and CDMA cellular radio communication and location tracking
  • Extended service life with a wide range of battery options
  • Optional external temperature probe is available
  • Hibernation option and other configurations optimize battery life for extended use
  • Unit can be configured over-the-air remotely
  • Sensors detect motion and tamper evidence

Multiple Location & Sensor Reporting Modes

  • “Ping” on demand
  • Start and stop alerts
  • Periodic reporting on preset schedule
  • One rate while moving, one while stationary
  • Custom sensor upper/lower limits and exception alerts
  • Battery status on demand and automatically with location reports
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