GEO Single-Use Tracker

GEO Single-Use Tracker

Single-Use Tracking Technology

FreightWatch International takes the complexity out of cargo tracking by offering the convenience and simplicity of the GEO Single-Use Tracker.

There’s a great necessity to track everything that’s happening in your supply chain, as the slightest glitch could have a dangerous impact on your business. Tracking a shipment of cargo can significantly reduce business risks, yet entails the organization and management of tracking equipment.

Convenience is the key for strong compliance: easy-to-implement processes are the ones most often adopted and followed; logistics complexity can inhibit the adoption of a well-structured security program. Finding an easy-to-commission tracker can help to ensure compliance and reduce risk for security-related losses.

FreightWatch International (FWI) offers a low-maintenance, high-quality solution to the predicament of buying large amounts of multiple use trackers. The single-use model reduces customer inventory costs, unit setup time, battery recharging, and ongoing maintenance. The GEO Single-Use Tracker is a battery-powered, covert device designed and assembled by FWI. Our unit can be configured on demand to preserve battery life, transmits start/stop alerts, offers periodic reporting on a pre-set schedule, and the pull-tab feature makes it easy to activate. The GEO Single-Use Tracker also has the global capability that allows FWI logistical security solutions to extend across borders to deliver the highest level of cargo security to customers.

Utilizing the GEO Single-Use Tracker saves customers overhead costs and time, allowing them to focus on their business and operation, while obtaining the benefits of an efficient logistics security solution—simply pay for the number of devices you need when you need them.

Ease of Use

  • Simple pull tab start
  • No on-the-dock inventory management
  • Automated device re-order available
  • Ease of deployment
  • Global coverage
  • Return package for tracker recycling


  • Integrated GPS and cellular radio communication
  • “Ping” on demand
  • Start and stop alerts
  • Capable of one rate while moving and one while stationary to conserve battery life
  • Global service features jamming countermeasures
  • Battery status on demand and automatically with location reports
  • Amenable for FWI SHIELD, FWI ALERT, and FWI RECOVERY monitoring services
  • Works in conjuntion with FWtracks web-based tracking and monitoring platform
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