ILC2000 FlightSmart® Air Cargo Tracker

Moog Crossbow ILC 2000

Air Cargo and Sensor Monitoring

FreightWatch International offers the ILC2000 as a premium performance, GSM/GPRS air cargo tracking and sensor monitoring tracker.

The ILC2000 tracker is FAA-compliant meaning the cellular transmission shuts off on wheels up of a commercial or cargo aircraft and turns on when the aircraft lands. The device continues to collect sensor data (temperature and package tampering), while in flight. Once landed, data is transmitted back to customers through the FWtracks tracking and monitoring platform. For shippers, this information provides a way to monitor not only the security of shipments, but also documents environmental conditions.

The ILC2000 is FCC, UL and CE compliant and has been built to worldwide standards for safe operation on aircraft. It features a quad band GSM/GPRS radio to provide reliable connectivity around the globe without requiring specialized readers or ground infrastructure.

The ILC2000 device has on-board sensors that provide temperature, shock, and humidity monitoring, to protect and certify sensitive cargo. Other internal sensors are used to monitor shipments for package tampering.


  • Worldwide location tracking
  • GSM/GPRS worldwide cellular radio communication
  • FAA compliant - automatic off/on during takeoff and landing
  • Sensor suite - temperature, light intensity, humidity and shock
  • Long battery life - rechargeable battery can last up to 60 days in the field, depending on reporting rate
  • Unit can be configured over-the-air remotely
  • Browser-based user interface reports location and sensor data through FWtracks™